Fire Sprinkler Damage

One myth about fire sprinklers is that water damage from them is worse than fire damage. This is not the case: fire sprinklers not only can save your home from the effects of fire, but can save your life. However, it is true that fire sprinkler activation will cause a lot of water to be released into your home. A typical fire sprinkler will release 25 gallons of water per minute. Water has an amazing ability to seep into virtually every surface from wood floors to drywall on your ceiling. Once water has saturated into your property, it isn’t going to come out easily on its own. That is why you need professional assistance.

We make fire sprinkler damage cleanup fast and easy with our professional methods and equipment. Ready for action 24/7, we will have a team at your home or business within 30 minute of calling.

Accidental Fire Sprinkler Activation

Fire sprinklers rarely will be activated by accident: it is estimated that this happens only once per 2.5 million fire sprinklers which are installed. But, if you are reading this, then chances are it has already happened to you! The first things to do are:
• Get the water shut off! Fire sprinklers are often on a different main than your home.
• Turn off the electrical breaker.
• Call the fire department to report the accidental discharge and follow their instructions
• Call for emergency water damage cleanup services
• Put foil or blocks under furniture legs to prop them off the floor
• Put any important wet documents in the freezer to preserve them (they can be dried and saved later)

Sprinklers Activated by Fires

If you’ve had a small fire in your home, count yourself lucky that the fire sprinkler system was there to put it out. We understand that it is hard to feel lucky when your home is drenched in water and slushy soot. However, with professional assistance, the damage can be cleaned up quickly and your property restored. It is much better than if the fire had been able to spread and destroyed everything!

The first things to do are: • Turn off the electrical breaker. • Call for emergency water and fire damage cleanup services • Contain the area by closing doorways or hanging tarps; you don’t want all that smoke going into the rest of your home! • Open the doors and windows to let the smoke out

Don’t wait any longer. We are ready and available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for emergency water damage and fire damage cleanup services. Help is just a phone call away!



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