Fire Damage Restoration

Arlington Water Damage is a leading damage restoration company in the state of Texas. We have a good reputation amongst the local citizens of Arlington because we’ve always exceeded the expectations of our customers.

Water damage was the premium dedicated restoration service that Arlington Water Damage provided and now due to overwhelming requests, we have expanded our services to perform both fire and water damage restoration services. The trust of our customers is scared to us and that’s why we offer excellent smoke and fire restoration services for residential and commercial properties.

Fire cleanup performed by the fire fighters is only the beginning of a long and tedious process of smoke damage, smell removal, and fire damage repair. If you don’t act quickly, the soot will settle in and as each moment passes, the damage repair costs will increase.

Fire Damage Effects
After the fire trucks leave the water that was left behind, the odor and the soot will settle in and cause damage at a very rapid pace. The cost of the damage rises every second and the affects will be visible to the naked eye.

Here are some visible fire damage effects:
➢ The walls and the ceiling will blacken and suffer from discoloration
➢ Yellowish tone will overwhelm the color of your furniture, utensils and appliances
➢ Metal objects will rapidly corrode and become weak
➢ Air will become toxic

These effects will start off slow but spread and worsen rapidly, up till the point where you’ll have to change every single thing inside your home or office. One other thing that will eventually worsen over time is the structure of the fire affected building. This requires a thorough professional examination and the house or commercial property is a health hazard until the structural damage is fixed.

‘Arlington Water Damage’ Fire Damage Services
Arlington Water Damage is a 24/7 rapid action, emergency service provider that will reach your location in under 30 minutes. We will send an expert team of professionals who will be extremely humble and helpful, we promise to make this experience as stress-less as possible.

We have a team of experts who will perform a careful analysis of your fire affected site and create a systematic plan of restoration. We are one of the fastest restoration companies in Texas because we perform the fire restoration services in an efficient way. We go inside your property and start the cleaning process. Our experts start of by airing out the place by using fogging and air scrubbing tools. We’ll clean out the places where soot pockets have settled in, that way your home will return back to its pre-fire condition.

Why Arlington Water Damage?
Arlington Water Damage is licensed by the Contractors State License Board and has all the necessary certifications required by fire restoration contractors. We offer services like applied microbial remediation, applied structural drying, carpet cleaning and odor control.

We offer excellent prices which can’t be matched by anyone in the entire state of Texas because we never overcharge our customers. Yosur trust is an honor for us and we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

Call us today at (682) 232-2920 and book our smoke and fire restoration services. Let us show you why we think we’re the best.



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