Fire and Smoke Damage

In addition to cleaning up water damage, we are also specialists in cleaning up damage caused by fire and smoke. We deliver great customer service while saving your home from further damage due to acidic particulates and discoloration from the smoke. Some of the reasons you will be glad you called us include:

• 24/7 emergency fire and smoke cleanup services
• We arrive in 30 minutes or less
• IICRC Certified, licensed and insured
• Residential and commercial services
• We work with your insurance company
• Great customer service
• Comprehensive services save your property

Interior Fire and Smoke Damage

Kitchen fires, appliance fires, candles, and many other situations can cause serious fire and smoke damage to your home. What is important to realize is that not all fires can be cleaned in the same way. Some fires produce greasy smoke and ash, whereas others produce dry smoke and ash. Depending on the material which went up in flame and they type of residue left behind, a different approach and set of cleaners will need to be used.

After a fire, the hardest part will be resisting the urge to start wiping down surfaces. This often just makes the smoke and ash damage worse by pushing particulates into the surface. We use IICRC certified methods for cleaning up smoke, ash and soot. The first step is to vacuum up particulates with HEPA filters to prevent dispersal into the rest of your home and the air you breathe. Surfaces are then hand-brushed with chemical sponges to agitate out sooth and smoke. Only once the solid particulates have been removed do we go in with our cleaners, degreasers, and deodorizers. Our processes are efficient, save your property from discoloration and deterioration, and get odors out.

Exterior Fire and Smoke Damage

Most of our cases of fire and smoke damage are indoors. However, we have been called in to help after BBQs have gotten out of control, or fireworks have caused damage homes. The first thing to know about fire damage on your siding and windows is don’t rinse it down with water. This usually just causes the smoke and ash to get pushed further in and makes it much harder to clean. Instead, it will need to be brushed down and vacuumed with particulate filters. Only then can it be cleaned with the right cleaners, which include soot degreases and chemical sponges. Some staining may remain after the cleaning, and this can be repainted over. Do not repaint until the smoke and ash have been cleaned or else you will just have bubbling paint in a short while.

Don’t wait any longer. We are ready and available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for emergency fire damage cleanup services. Help is just a phone call away!



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